Banana Heaven
You did it again, didn’t you? You’re suddenly on a health kick and went overboard on the megamarket bananas. And your reward at the end of the week is a pile of brown sludge, oozing a thick syrup all over the kitchen counter. But hey, I feel you.
Heavy Heirlooms
It’s starting to make sense to sell my family home, but I don’t want to let go. It was my grandpa’s playground. As a painter and carpenter, my grandpa shaped his home with his hands, experimenting with “D.I.Y.” home improvements. Everywhere I look, I’m
Clack and Flow
Mechanical Keyboards are a Writer’s Best Friend
The Magical Interiors of Kelly Wearstler
Have you ever walked into a room and felt an overwhelming sense of wonder, but never understood why? I walk into the Austin Proper and it’s as if I’m teleported to an old-fashioned Southern tea party. A whisper of “Woah” escapes me. The walls are gardens, with roses and wildflowers
Adopt, Don’t Shop
If you could pay for a perfect relationship, would you?
Discovering my Discipline
“I can tell you’re undisciplined.” Literally a stranger. Some rich, little old man with a Napoleon complex, who thought he actually had a shot at dating a friend my age. I was 22 years old. Just out of college and fresh into the workforce when he said this to
Don’t Get Attached to Your Work
Writers are the designers of words. There is a comfort in the discomfort of letting go of small ideas that don’t serve the main idea. I apply the process of design, giving feedback and editing I learned from my eccentric architecture school professor to writing.
FAQ: How are your paintings so realistic?
This is one of five essays that I wrote as part of taking the online course Write of Passage.
The Man Outside
I heard a familiar voice outside on the front lawn. Staring out the window, I was shocked at who it was. As the panic settled in and my chest tightened, I thought “No, this can’t be possible, how the fuck did he get here?” I glanced over at my mom.