The Man Outside

The Man Outside

I heard a familiar voice outside on the front lawn.  Staring out the window, I was shocked at who it was.  As the panic settled in and my chest tightened, I thought "No, this can't be possible, how the fuck did he get here?"

I glanced over at my mom.  She was staring at the front door, emotionless.  All of a sudden, he started chasing after a car being towed, yelling "Wait, wait!"  He ran to grab something out of the moving van parked in front.  

The chair by the door had some of his stuff: an old flip phone, some rolled up drawing sets, a sweater.  "How did all of this get inside?" I asked my mom.  She mumbled, "It was already here, I found it."  

I quickly glanced outside and he was now walking and talking anxiously (with his snake hands) to some other older man I hadn't seen before.  This man was very tall and wore an oversized gray striped suit, looking very corporate and powerful.  But the skin on his face was so perfect and shiny, possibly artificial.  This man glanced at me glossy eyed and with a smirk, in a subtle threatening way, as my dad was going on and on to him about something.  Then I woke up.

Feature Photo by Alec Douglas